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If you are looking for cost effective waterproof solution for internal wet areas, we are the perfect company for you. We provide waterproofing systems to our customers by installing waterproof membranes that provide protection behind shower walls and other tiled surfaces that are prone to water damage and moisture. At Floors 2 Go, our professional and expert technicians ensure that they install bonded waterproof membranes as well as vapor retarders with constricted crack bridging capacity. Waterproofing strips are used to ensure seamless corners. Pipes and valves are sealed properly to ensure waterproofing process is complete around your shower or bath area. Another important aspect of waterproofing system is to make sure that the area is protected against mildew and mold.

Waterproofing bathroom and shower areas is highly important. Without waterproofing, it can lead to mold growth, dry rot, and toxic air being trapped in your home. In general, it can be unsafe and unhealthy for everyone around.

At Floors 2 Go, our team has the experience required to make sure that the waterproofing system is installed flawlessly so that our customers do not have to worry about moisture and leakage issues at all.  Our team makes sure that all corners are sealed properly using the right bonding compounds. Pipe Protrusions are completely sealed. Your showers and baths are safe from leakages when you use our waterproof installation services.

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