Hardwood and Laminate Installation

Laminate and Hardwood Floor


Laminate and Hardwood Floor

At Floors 2 Go, we can install laminate and hardwood flooring in Victoria, BC. We have a team of expert installers that install the flooring you choose seamlessly, with great attention to detail. We make sure that the flooring fits perfectly in your home or office.

Laminate Installation

If you are a budget conscious homeowner, then laminate flooring is the best option for you. Not only is this type of flooring a fashionable hardwood alternative, but good in terms of pricing. Laminate flooring looks just like hardwood flooring when it comes to its coloring, grains and realistic appearance. It also feels like a hardwood flooring while saving money. Our team members can examine the floor plan, and offer you layout options and material ideas. Flooring installation in Victoria could not be made easier than this. For any laminate installation, we offer 100% high quality service that will leave you satisfied and happy.

Our employees are experts in the field that exhibit professionalism in the work they do. They work hard and are focused every step of the installation process. Everything is done efficiently and does not disrupt your everyday activities in any way. The installation process will be explained to you before any work begins to ensure you understand and are comfortable.

Laminate floors have the same grand look as hardwood floors. We follow a structured step by step work to install the floor perfectly (without glue, nails or staple). Interlocking cover floating floors can be installed over spotless and level ceramic, vinyl, real or plywood / OSB subflooring. Naturally, laminate flooring cannot be installed in rooms with a floor sap. We make sure that we follow all local building codes while installing flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood flooring is advised for rooms that do not have moisture or very minimal dampness as humidity causes the wood to get bigger and contract. Leaving a little gap between the floor and the wall helps leave room for growth in such cases. In case there is no extra space left in between, the floors can buckle over time.

Floors To Go specializes in hardwood flooring installation services in Victoria and its surrounding areas. Since Victoria area does not have humidity problems, the wood flooring is not prone to increasing in size and thus constricting. Before installing, we do use probes to ensure the level of moisture in the flooring area. This process enables us to decide the best flooring materials and methods, and the measures that need to be taken to provide necessary moisture protection.

Our wood flooring services contain:

Wood flooring installation

Wood flooring repair

Refinish wood floors

Buff and re-coat wood floors

Deep cleaning of wood floors

Custom wood floor borders

We utilize any type of solid wood flooring from usual species, such as Oak and Maple to international species of lumber. We offer a full line of sanding and final services whether it is an aged floor, new floor, or only buffing and adding new coats of finish to clean up facade wear.

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