Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood flooring is advised for rooms that do not have moisture or very minimal dampness as humidity causes the wood to get bigger and contract. Leaving a little gap between the floor and the wall helps leave room for growth in such cases. In case there is no extra space left in between, the floors can buckle over time.

Floors To Go specializes in hardwood flooring installation services in Victoria and its surrounding areas. Since Victoria area does not have humidity problems, the wood flooring is not prone to increasing in size and thus constricting. Before installing, we do use probes to ensure the level of moisture in the flooring area. This process enables us to decide the best flooring materials and methods, and the measures that need to be taken to provide necessary moisture protection.

Our wood flooring services contain:

  1. Wood flooring installation
  2. Wood flooring repair
  3. Refinish wood floors
  4. Buff and re-coat wood floors
  5. Deep cleaning of wood floors
  6. Custom wood floor borders

We utilize any type of solid wood flooring from usual species, such as Oak and Maple to international species of lumber. We offer a full line of sanding and final services whether it is an aged floor, new floor, or only buffing and adding new coats of finish to clean up facade wear.


  1. Wood vents
  2. Hand-built decorative borders
  3. Hand-built medallions
  4. Laser-cut designs
  5. Floor cleaning/maintenance products

You can see that we have a very systematic way of hardwood flooring and we use all the best materials available to make it all right.